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Apex Legends Current Map Rotation

Apex Legends goes through changes in its map rotation once per season. This season is no different as the Apex Legends map rotation for each game mode changed during the Shadow Society event. The maps of both the Battle Royale and Mixtape game modes were changed up. We will be going through what these changes are.

Apex Legends Battle Royale Maps

The Battle Royale is Apex’s first and primary game mode. The game mode features a total of five maps. Among these five, three are in play during a particular time frame. The other two are locked away temporarily and only turn up during specific limited time modes or are reworked for coming seasons. The map rotation also changes once per season which is what we will cover now.

The Apex Legends current map rotation is:

Broken Moon

Storm Point


The Apex Legends map rotation is mostly the same from the start of season 20. The main difference is that World’s Edge is no longer in rotation. It has been replaced by Broken Moon. Fans of Apex mostly complained about the change because Broken Moon is one of the least-liked Apex Legends maps in the game. This is due to its massive size and numerous choke points. The games often feel sluggish and you often die early causing a drop in your stats.

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Mixtape Apex Legends Current Maps

Apex’s game mode Mixtape was added in Season 16. The game mode features three different game modes within it which are constantly rotated. These game modes each have their own maps. Some of the Apex Legends maps here are completely unique to the game mode while others are small sections of the larger Battle Royale Maps.

The Apex Legends map rotation are:



Production Yard


Gun Run:







Zeus Station

Thunderdome is an Apex Legends new map added to Mixtape. This map features a beautifully designed map with an interactive audience. The audience cheers you on as you rack up kills.

Limited Time Mode Apex Legends Current Maps

Apex currently has the Shadow Society Event going on. This event has brought us a new limited time mode called Lockdown. The mode features a four-squad battle. The objective of this game mode is to capture zones and rack up points for your team. The first squad to 500 points wins.

This supercharged event will have the following maps:



Zeus Station


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Hurry up and embark on a magical gaming journey!



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